Coordinate Planes

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I really hope this game can enhance your students’ learning experience.  I know mine love it!  This has been a long project, lots of snow days and summer evenings learning to program so I could offer this game.


Must be played in a HTML5 compatible browser on computer.  Game is too large for a iPhone or iPad browser.


Note: This is the internet browser version of Coordinate Planes based on the original Windows version but rewritten in HTML5.  Because of the limitations of web browsers, some features and animations have been removed and sometimes there are graphical errors (like the attack plane not displaying every time).  The original Windows retail version is coming soon.

How to Play (taken from the Instruction Manual).

Getting Started:

  1. Select a game mode (top 5 are played in all 4 quadrants, bottom 2 are single quadrant only).

  2. Select single player or the number of teams you would like.

  3. Press “Play Game” button (it will appear after game mode and players have been selected).

  1. Click the clock to change Game Timers. The current Shot Timer and Target Timer will be displayed.

  2. Select Revenge Mode to toggle ON and OFF. Revenge Mode allows players to still attack (and be engaged in the classroom) even after all their units are destroyed.

  3. Click the Save Disk to enter save options. Note: Saving is not supported in the web browser version. Check out the Windows version for save state options.

  4. After pressing Start Game, a random team will become active. It’s time to attack.

  1. The input device (resembles a calculator, but has no computing power), is where student will enter their calculations. Buttons can be clicked with mouse, interactive whiteboard, or number pad on the computer keyboard (see pg 7 for keyboard shortcuts).

    1. As game begins a random team will become active.

    2. Active team will be prompted to select a target.

    3. Click on any of the opposing units (not your team color) or press the random button to randomly and unbiasedly select a target.

    4. Using the input device, enter the correct solution to the given prompt.

    5. Double check solution and hit Fire.

  1. Game Over condition.

    1. Gameplay continues until only a single team remains.

    2. Number of remaining units is displayed at the top right of screen.

    3. A report card is kept for each team.

    4. At the endgame, remaining team will be declared the winner.

      • A percentage of correct shots will be displayed for each team.

      • If playing the Windows version, a more detailed report can be copied to the clipboard. Simply paste into a text file or word processor for your records.

    5. If you wish to play another round, press next round to continue playing and build your current scores (Single Player: 10 rounds max and Multiplayer: 5 total team wins max).




Math Shot

Click here to Play Game.


Here’s a little game that is can be played in your browser or cell phone.  Students can practice their multiplication facts while shooting metal ducks and earning points.  Hits and misses are kept on the notepad and grade displayed throughout gameplay.


Memorization of the times tables is falling by the wayside. Use “Math Shot” to encourage your students to practice.


Tic Tac Toe

Here’s a simple Tic Tac Toe game designed for the Mu Alpha Theta tournament at our high school.  The way we played:  1) Teacher gives a math problem.  2) Either team can buzz in with the answer (in a Jeopardy still response).  3) If correct, the answering team chooses a square.  4) Then select the appropriate team button.  5)  Hit R button to reset.

Play Game


Multi-player only, no AI in this one.